A Way of Life Farm

for healthy people, healthy economy

          and healthy ecology


A Way of Life Farm is a small, permaculture-based family farm in Sunshine, NC, up in the northeastern corner of Rutherford County.

Our mission:

To use diverse natural systems that build living soil while producing food for healthy people, healthy economy, and healthy ecology.

Farming Tools and Practices Used:

Permaculture Design

Pasture-Raised Livestock

Cover Crops

Pest/Beneficial Insect Balance

Keyline Plow

We do not use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides anywhere on the farm.


Find our vegetables and organic, soy-free fed pork

Charlotte Regional Farmers’ Market

1801 Yorkmont Rd.

8am-12pm Saturdays

RAD Farmers’ Market

175 Clingman Ave.

Asheville, NC

Community Supported Agriculture


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