We produce humane, environmentally-friendly pork with exceptional flavor. 

Here’s how:

Pigs raised on pasture and woodland are able to root, dig, and run, making healthier and happier animals. 

Frequent rotation allows proper management of soil, water, and animal health.

Access to sunlight, fresh air, exercise, and wild nutrients make the resulting meat more nutritious than conventional products.

Pigs are fed Certified Organic, soy-free grain. 

Why organic, soy-free fed pork?


1.  No GMOs!   85-90% of the corn and soy in animal feed is genetically modified.  Many people have serious and legitimate concerns about how GM foods affect our health.

2.  Soy is used in most processed foods and most animal feeds.  Due to concerns about soy-allergies and many other potential health problems related to the overuse of soy in our diets, we are eliminating it from our feed.  The result is a more diverse diet for our pigs and a healthier and better tasting meat for you.


1. Buying local keeps more money circulating right in our own community.  We’re happy to support another NC business when purchasing our feed and reducing transportation costs and emissions.

2. We get to vote with our dollars and we vote NO to Monsanto, the primary supplier of genetically-modified seeds and Round-up and

YES to responsible farmers.


1.  Organic growing practices build healthy soil and maintain biodiversity while conventionally-grown grain fills our soil, water, and air with harmful chemicals.

2.    Our feed contains no GM crops which are cross-breeding with native plants and creating Superweeds and Superpests.Click here for more on why we use organic feed.

No wonder it tastes better!

Pastured Pork Price List

Sausage, mild or hot$8.50/lb

Chorizo                                                           $8.50/lb

Bratwurst, links         $9/lb

Italian Sausage, links                                        $9/lb   

Ground Pork$8.50/lb

Boneless Loin Roast                                        $14/lb

Shoulder Roast, bone-in (3-4 lbs)         $7/lb

Chops, 1½” thick, bone-in, 2/pack  (~1.5 lbs) $12.50/lb

Fresh Bacon (uncured)$9/lb


Spare Ribs, full rack (~2.5 lbs)$7.75/lb

Baby Back Ribs  (~2.5 lbs)                               $9/lb

Shank/ Pork Osso Buco$6/lb



Leaf lard (not rendered)$2/lb

Liver                                                                $2/lb

        Get 10% off when you order a Family Pack

Stock your freezer and have pork whenever you need it.

Family Pack includes:


                    2 packs chops (thick cut, bone in, 2/pack)

                    2 shoulder roasts (bone in, 3-3.5 lbs each)

                    2 packs fresh bacon (uncured, sliced pork belly, ~1 lb pack)

                    4 packs Your Choice of Mild, Hot, Chorizo, or Ground Pork (1 lb pack)

                    2 packs Bratwurst or Italian Sausage (1 lb pack)


            Approximately $150 (Total cost varies slightly with the exact weights of pork cuts)

            Please pre-order via email and specify your choice of sausages and pick-up location.





No GMOs!

Soy-Free, Certified Organic Feed!

A Way of Life Farm

for healthy people, healthy economy

          and healthy ecology