Work and Learn With Us


    Want to get your hands (and everything else) dirty while learning to grow really good food?

We offer apprentice opportunities to get you started and further your farming career.  Come  learn the ins and outs of our farm, including vegetable growing from  seed to harvest, pastured pork production, marketing, soil health,  tools, and our broader vision for the land and what it means for our  world.  Farming is our form of activism.  We believe that providing  people with truly healthy food that is also healthy for the land is a  powerful act.

Apprentices say...

“I had a truly transformative experience working with Jamie and Sara Jane  at A Way of Life Farm ... I genuinely feel like I couldn't have gone  through this experience with better mentors. Jaime and Sara Jane are  both incredibly knowledgeable and patient teachers ... It is incredible  to think back on my first days on the farm and the transformation that  has occurred. I have learned so many of the technical skills and basic  knowledge to help jump start my farming career, but even more  importantly I have a greater sense of drive to achieve my goals after  experiencing what life as an organic farmer is really like."

-Cecilia, former apprentice

"My  apprenticeship with A Way of Life prepared me to go from very little  formal farming experience, to the job I have now: running a farm with a  180-member sliding-scale CSA ... A Way of Life farmers, Sara Jane and  Jamie Davis, dedicate themselves to educating their apprentices. I've  never seen a farm achieve such a balance between maintaining financial  stability while also continuing to deepen ecological practices. My  apprenticeship gave me both the hard skills and the inspiration to farm  in a way that is both idealistic and realistic."

 -Julia, former apprentice


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