COVID-19 Update

         We are now offering pre-orders through an ONLINE STORE open Wednesday at 6am through Thursday at 10pm.   Choose from pick-ups at Charlotte Regional Farmers' Market and A Way of Life Farm on Saturday.   $20 minimum order.

        Charlotte Regional Farmers' Market remains open as it is an "essential business" like a grocery store.  We will also have produce and pork for sale at market this Saturday.

  Food Safety:
         We already pride ourselves on using best practices in sanitation during harvest and washing on the farm, and we are magnifying those measures to ensure that we're keeping everyone safe and healthy.  With direct sales to our customers, there are no people in the middle of this transaction-- we grow the food, we pack it up, and sell it right to you!  

Healthy Food:
          We have worked for years to re-mineralize our soil and are Certified Organic to bring you the most nutrient-dense food possible. It shows in the storage life and you can taste the difference. Eating truly nutritious food grown in healthy soils is good for your health, which we're all aiming for right now.

    We appreciate your support and are honored to feed you.  Especially now, we hope you feel comfort and confidence in knowing where your food comes from!


How can food choice lead to healthy people, healthy economy, and healthy ecology?


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