COVID-19 Update

         We are now offering pre-orders through an ONLINE STORE.   Choose from pick-ups in Charlotte (Saturday) and A Way of Life Farm (Monday).   Deadline is Thursday at 10pm.  $20 minimum order

        Charlotte Regional Farmers' Market remains open as it is an "essential business" like a grocery store.  We will also have produce and pork for sale at market this Saturday.

  Food Safety:
         We already pride ourselves on using best practices in sanitation during harvest and washing on the farm, and we are magnifying those measures, based on recommendations from the CDC, to ensure that we're keeping everyone safe and healthy.  With direct sales to our customers, there are no people in the middle of this transaction-- we grow the food, we pack it up, and sell it right to you!  

Healthy Food:
          We have worked for years to re-mineralize our soil and are Certified Organic to bring you the most nutrient-dense food possible. It shows in the storage life and you can taste the difference. Eating truly nutritious food grown in healthy soils is good for your health, which we're all aiming for right now



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Expect more from food

How can food choice lead to healthy people, healthy economy, and healthy ecology?

what's in a name?

       Our farm name came  about with two meanings in mind.  First was the realization that our  farm was more than a job or a hobby, but a presence that permeates all  aspects of our lives, from our attention and time to our values and  relationships.  Second is the cyclical nature, or way, of life- the  constant renewal coming from growth, death, decay, and new life.  This  may seem mundane or obvious, but when you really pay attention to these  processes in nature, it's breathtaking.

       Most of the land  that became A Way of Life Farm had been a clear cut pine forest.  Our  first year here, we had our first "intern", a family friend, Camille,  who was gracious enough to help during the muddled and hectic days when  we were just getting our bearings.  She is an amazing artist and  volunteered to design a logo for the farm.  We didn't know what we were  looking for until we were moving logs up on the old clear cut and  noticed that one of the logs had a healthy plant growing out of it.  A  seed had nestled into a crevice filled with enough decaying wood that it took root and grew!  Camille created our logo from there- life  of all kinds springing from a fallen tree.

       We hoped that we  could be helpful to this land and encourage the return of a variety of  life when we moved here 10 years ago.  On less than 2 acres, we grow  over 40 kinds of USDA Certified Organic produce with careful attention  to the soil to provide nutrient-dense food for our family and  customers. 

     We imagined  food-bearing trees and plants, ponds, and pastures throughout much of  the rest of our land-- what initially looked like red clay desert,  brambles, and small pines.  We’re making steady progress on this broader  permaculture design, and we’re thrilled to be a part of a process that  will span generations. 


..."A seed had nestled into a crevice filled with enough decaying wood that it took root and grew!"

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